Triathlon at La Villette
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Sport at La Villette

Street-workout, basketball, jogging, yoga... You've turned La Villette into the largest open-air gym in Paris.

A ground for sports since 1987

Since its inauguration, Parc de la Villette has established itself as a privileged venue for a variety of sports activities. The culture of sports is embedded within the park’s different spaces, whether it’s the Jardin des Voltiges, the largest street workout area in France, the Jardin des Vents et des Dunes, where children engage with climbing walls and motor skills games, or the two large central meadows, ideal for ball games and Sunday football matches, as well as activities like tai chi, yoga, or capoeira.

An ever-evolving welcome:

This support also involves the installation of new equipment. Since 2020, adapted equipment has been made available to the public in the heart of the Jardin des Voltiges, managed by the Villette Workout association. In 2024, two new basketball courts are being created: one for 3×3 basketball near the Géode, and another in a less conventional shape, known as a “basketball tree,” featuring multiple hoops installed at various heights on a single structure.

By 2025, ping-pong tables will be introduced in the park, alongside a range of equipment accessible to people with disabilities.

Fostering dialogue between sports and arts

In this field as in many others, La Villette cultivates connections between disciplines and practices through exclusive creations. Since 2019, Frédéric Ferrer has been performing Olympicorama, combining lectures and performances to showcase some of the flagship disciplines of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, their history, and their specificities. Starting from June 2024, the Archi-Folies 2024 project will be implemented in the park, offering a unique encounter between architecture and sports.