Many people attended the Vivaces Festival at the Jardins Passagers.
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The gardens

La Villette goes green! The 55 hectares of Parc de la Villette offer the public a variety of spaces including meadows, gardens, groves, and an educational farm, where biodiversity is preserved, promoted, and nature is shared.

Strolling through the pathways of the 55-hectare park is discovering fantastic and playful spaces, meadows perfect for gatherings and relaxation, areas dedicated to gardening, experiencing the changing seasons under the shade of a wide variety of trees, discovering artworks, observing farm animals, or encountering more wild fauna.

Wander through the 12 themed gardens, enjoy the large meadows for running and playing, picnic under trees away from the crowds, and then take a nap on a shady patch of grass!

Les Jardins passagers

Exceptional closure from the evening of July 21 to 3 p.m. on August 17, 2024

A hidden gem of Parc de la Villette, the “Jardins passagers” allow wild herbs, unusual vegetables, orchards, and meadows to flourish. Created on a former industrial wasteland once occupied by the old sheep market, the Jardins passagers are ecological gardens with cultural, educational, and social purposes.

Practical information

The Jardins passagers are open to the public every weekend from Saturday, April 6th to Sunday, November 3rd, 2024, from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM. They are also available for group workshops or individual workshops by reservation from March to October.

  • Guided tours with the gardening team on Saturdays and Sundays at 5:00 PM. A self-guided exploration guide of the Jardins passagers is also available upon request.
  • Free access to the Jardins’ library: browse a selection of nature books onsite. In partnership with Editions Delachaux et Nestlé and Editions Terre Vivante.
  • “Cabaret des oiseaux”: organic drinks and snacks by the association Les P’tits Pois de la Villette. Every Sunday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, from May 5th to June 30th, 2024, and from September 8th to November 3rd, 2024.


During the week, the gardens are reserved for hosting school groups (including those from social fields) who participate in workshops and cultivate plots dedicated to natural vegetable gardening. Adapted facilities allow all audiences to engage in the life of these gardens through numerous educational workshops offered there.

La Prairie du Cercle

To discover the Prairie du Cercle, you need to head to the heart of the park, along the Canal de l’Ourcq. Climb the footbridges to explore on either side of the waterway this astonishing circular meadow. On one side, the southern circle lawn is picturesque and tranquil, while on the other side, the northern circle lawn has more urban scenery with the Géode and Universciences in the background. These two atmospheres, from one bank to the other, are animated by the activity along the canal.

Le Jardin des vents et des dunes

Exceptional closure from July 27 to August 12, 2024

Designed by Isabelle Devin and Catherine Rannou, this garden provides a secure play area dedicated to toddlers (from 0 to 2 years old) as well as older children (up to 13 years old). Inspired by the Brittany seaside, it offers a variety of games such as pedal-powered windmills, movable sail walls, and air cushion waves, aimed at developing balance and motor skills.

Practical information

The secure space of the “Jardin des vents et des dunes,” tailored for each age group from 0 to 13 years old, offers imaginative games for children, loungers for parents, and most importantly, a real source of fun for everyone!

  • Free access
  • Open daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM from November 1st to March 31st
  • Open daily from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM from April 1st to October 31st

Le Jardin du dragon

Brand new in its colorful attire, the dragon reclaims its Garden and leads children into new adventures. The more adventurous can slide down its tongue slide for games of sliding and climbing! Younger ones can discover new swings and seesaws by tickling its belly.

Practical information

The slide is reserved for children aged 8-14 and is open daily from 9 AM until dusk.
The rest of the games are freely accessible to all.

Le Jardin des voltiges

The Jardin des Voltiges is the largest street workout space in France, freely accessible and open to everyone. Here, suitable equipment is provided for the public, and thanks to the efforts of the Villette Workout association, La Villette offers everyone the opportunity to practice safely.

Practical information

Access restricted to individuals aged 14 and older or those taller than 1.40 meters.
Accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Le Jardin des ombres

Not far from the entrance of the Zénith, concertgoers can delight in this garden. Its mineral ground composed of slabs with shards of white marble enhances the atmosphere, promoting either conviviality or intimacy through skillful lighting effects. Fifty benches integrated into the design of the slabs also structure the space. Finally, the tree beds provide shaded areas particularly appreciated during the summer heat.

Le Jardin des équilibres

This garden, which plays with geometry and imbalances, invites a striking sensory experience. Covering an area of 2,600 square meters, it is characterized by changing colors and large metallic kites amidst various tree species: hornbeams, conifers, metasequoias, and oaks. Two footbridges overlook this unusual landscape, and at night, the lighting creates a mysterious line drawing across it.

Le Jardin des bambous

This 3,000 square meter bamboo grove is the second largest collection of bamboo species in France. Landscape architect Alexandre Chemetoff has created optimal conditions for the growth of 30 species, which thrive in a sunny and humid tropical-like climate with ideal sunlight and drainage water from the lawns. At the heart of this garden, an outdoor sound cylinder designed by architect Bernhard Leitner forms a lounge area: its 24 speakers accompany the flowing water with a melodic composition.

Prairie du triangle

An iconic location in La Villette, the Prairie du Triangle is the largest green space in the park. With its vast 20,000 square meters of lawn, it’s perfect for relaxation, sports, and shared picnics. Every summer, the Prairie du Triangle transforms into a haven for cinephiles as it hosts the famous Open Air Cinema Festival. On the eastern side, La Folie houses Kermesse, a favorite spot for casual dining.

L’Artère – jardin des dessins

“L’Artère” is an artwork created by artist Fabrice Hybert commemorating years of struggle against the AIDS epidemic. It takes the form of a massive puzzle on the ground, made up of 16,000 ceramic tiles featuring 10,000 drawings. It serves as a memorial, an anti-monument where the steps of walkers gradually erase the disease in favor of hope.

Le Jardin des frayeurs enfantines

The Garden of Childhood Fears is a magical place that blends musical and botanical discoveries. Distant memories are revived as visitors traverse a mysterious forest of blue spruces and birches, enveloped in strange music. The more adventurous can take the path leading into its undergrowth, accompanied on their stroll by enchanting melodies.

Le Jardin des miroirs

Located in the extension of Little Villette, the Garden of Mirrors features around thirty strange monoliths, each 2 meters tall and covered with polished steel plates to form mirrors scattered throughout the area. Between reflection and reality, visitors experience a blend of true and false landscapes as they walk. At night, spotlights illuminate the mirrors, creating intriguing effects of shapes and shadows.

Practical information

Pines and maples share the 1,670 square meters of this garden, which facilitates the collection and filtration of rainwater, optimizing natural watering for new plantings.
An accessible path allows access and traversal of the garden for all individuals.

Le Jardin de la treille

Gilles Vexlard envisioned this shaded garden with vine stocks mounted on a vast trellis forming a ceiling. Climbing plants and 90 small fountains cascading down terraced levels create a corner of vegetal paradise. Seven bronze sculptures by artist Jean-Max Albert dominate this Eden-like setting, offering a unique framing. In autumn, the grapes are harvested to produce the trellis wine.

The “Jardins hors-les-murs” of Chaumont-sur-Loire

An iconic event of the Domaine, the International Garden Festival is a must-attend international gathering dedicated to creation, imagination, poetry, and nature.

La Villette is committed to protecting the environment

La Villette is a pioneering public cultural institution in the fields of environment and sustainable development. To implement this policy, the institution focuses its actions around 6 main orientations.